It appears I’ve been gone for…let’s see…maybe half of a year. Or more? Well to be honest, I never wanted to stress myself out over a blog, mainly because I have enough going around in my life as it is. I’m not highly active on social media as is, so I’ve never taken to promoting this. I wonder though, if someone will ever stumble upon this humble space that I can call my own.

Where was I? I was spending a lot of time working on a post about highcharter which is a favorite package of mine for data visualization, particularly in shiny applications. I will get to it eventually, trust me! It’s just that I never felt like it was finished and eventually moved on to things that are not blogging about things I know and instead trying to learn more and more.

As a little bit of explanation about where I’ve been, in addition to spending my offtime learning, I have to say that I’ve managed to get a new, and probably better, job. At least the pay and the work environment is better as far as I can tell. So exciting!

But now that that is settled, I’d like to try and get this blog back into motion. I have a bunch of learning planned, and maybe I can try to post alongside my learning rather than writing long posts about things that I pretty much already know.

Well, that’s all for now – I will be back soon with info about highcharter, how I learn things, info on some online course I’ve checked out, and what I plan to do next. Cheers!