Changing Course

I referred to this a little earlier but the content of this blog may not end up being exactly what I had originally planned. And that’s totally OK.

When I initially started this blog, I wanted to make it a lot like other tech blogs — blogs of people that I respect in the data field, who teach me things about programming, data, and tech for free. Reference for cool tips I’d want to try. I felt like with a few years of experience, I could push myself to learn and write more. It would be mostly a selfish effort — but maybe, somehow, I’d help some struggling R programmer.

I realized that I didn’t have a lot to add to the internet that is not already described in someone else’s blog (if I did, it felt too specific to my use cases, and unshareable). Even worse, my recent roles have taken me away from R and a lot more into a SQL and drag-and-drop BI tool world. I made this move by choice, to give something new a shot and to ensure my employment as the pandemic started sweeping the country, but my R is probably a little rusty now.

I still want this blog to be about data, tech, and programming. Whereas my initial view for this blog would have more tutorials and demonstrations of things I do in R, I think that this blog might actually end up more about my personal experiences in the industry, with a specific focus on the less-popular, often looked-down-upon section of the data field that is called data analytics or business analytics. I am trying to figure out what this role is, what it should be, and what it will be. Eventually, I may figure out whether it is my role for the future, but like this blog, I am not willing to commit to exactly one goal for my career either.